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About Houde Air - HVAC Design & Consulting

Houde Air - HVAC Design & Consulting is owned and operated by Robert Houde (RASDT, HRAI and BCIN). With 30 years’ experience in the installation of duct work and HVAC, Robert now performs ventilation system design and consulting for heating and cooling distribution for forced air systems in Cornwall, Long Sault, Alexandria, Ingleside and other surrounding municipalities. He is an independent designer; therefore, his attention to detail will ensure accurate design. Call us to learn more about our services.

In his own words, Roberts says, “I believe in customer service and HVAC excellence using established engineering, design and installation practices to create quiet, efficient and quality indoor environments. This can be achieved with a minimum of expense, incorporating green technologies where feasible and considering both energy and resource efficiency in initial capital and lifecycle costs. This is what Canadians want and deserve in their homes and buildings.”


Please note that we do not do onsite installations.

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